Benefiting from the bests of the field

Benefiting from the bests of the field

Benefiting from the bests of the field

Using various expertise in engineering, procurement and construction accompanied by management experts, PS-Co. tries to pace in line with vision and organizational strategic objectives.  Some of our competitive specialties are as follows: 

Knowledge Management

Management of knowledge is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization and is a profession essential for problem solving, continuous learning, creating new ideas, strategic planning and decision making.

The most important outcome of implementing knowledge management is the ability to quick adaption with environmental changes in order to enhance projects productivity and profitability.

Actually, the ultimate aim of knowledge management is to increase the organization’s talent and intelligence.

In line with agile and knowledge oriented essence, PS-Co. has utilized organizational units like information technology and document control center to help knowledge transition and deposition.

Building Information Model (BIM)

 Building Information Modeling adds two dimensional drawings, more dimension with exceptional characteristics.

The most important exceptional character of this system is that every aspects of the drawings shown in one model will not only demonstrate BIM’s three dimensional views but also can demonstrate, information’s related to its needed activities in different phases. 

Such information covers the entire life cycle of the project from feasibility studies to the conceptual drawing, procurement, construction and even operation phase. 

In one phrase, BIM Model is the process of generating and managing building’s information among construction. in other words, a BIM model is the digital representation   of building’s physical and functional characteristics.

Some Benefits of utilizing BIM are as follows:

1- Reducing the ultimate risks and expenses of the employers, employees and designers.

2- Enhancing the productivity and reducing expenses during operation and maintenance phase.

3- Agile and more accurate decision making, as a result of integrated information.

4- Reducing expenses of project accordance with design, construction and operational standards.

5- Enhancing safety in execution phase.

Benefiting from professional BIM team, PS-CO is capable to use such modeling information during project life cycle.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Project Management Office is a department, responsible to provide standards for integrated project management within the organization. The responsibility of PMOs may extend from supporting project management to directly managing projects. 

Selected PMO functions are as follows:

1- Standardizing project management procedures and providing a consultative role to projects by supplying templates, processes and related standards.

2- Identifying and developing project management methodologies, best practices and procedures within the organization,

3- Getting involved in the selection, management and deployment of project and organization resources. 

4- Serving as projects repository and managing the information resources needed by the management,

5- Planning and controlling the organizational activities among project teams by providing responsibility assignment matrix,

6- Coordinating interactions and providing centralized communications among organizational and project relations, 

7- Supporting managers in directing projects,

8- Managing the projects risks and opportunities,

9- Enhancing organizational maturity and culture for superior management and execution of projects,

10- Providing educational needs of the organization and soft-wares requirements,

11- Effective stakeholder management and their satisfaction,

12- Gathering and recording lessons learned and transferring the knowledge obtained into new projects,  

13- Facilitating communications and access to information related to the projects,

PS-CO has established the project management office within its organizational chart and manages interdependencies among different projects through it.

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